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SurveyCloud empowers businesses to plan and conduct effective online customer surveys. SurveyCloud comes with several powerful number-crunching and analytical techniques which enable clients to understand its customers in a better way.

Why us?

SurveyCloud provides an effective way to conduct online customer surveys and ability to analyse its results with simple-to-use but complex analytical algorithms.

“Emotion Analysis” is an unique feature of SurveyCloud which facilitates the clients to detect customer emotions viz. customer is happy, upset with the services, etc. The textual feedbacks would get processed with the advanced NLP techniques to infer customer’s emotions.


SurveyCloud comes up with numerous features to help clients to conduct an effective and smart customer surveys

Customizable Forms

Allows clients to create custom Feedback forms and to download various reports corresponding to the survey forms in different formats.

Highly Available Cloud Storage

SurveyCloud keeps survey data securely on cloud and guarantees high availability to clients 24/7.

Advanced NLP based Analytics

SurveyCloud uniquely processes the textual feedbacks using advanced NLP based analytics to infer the customer emotions.

Statistical Analysis

Simple-to-use but complex number-crunching algorithms allows drill-down of feedback responses.

Detailed Report

Allows client to generate with various types of graphs.

Easy To Share

Easy to add user contacts and share form to them for feedback with just a single click.


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